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  1. Happy Birthday Fireflame5500!

  2. Happy Birthday Fireflame5500!

  3. Don't know if you're still trying to figure this out but it's basically as simple as you put your cdlc wherever your odlc is. First make sure you use the RS toolkit to change the dlc to ".xbox" format (if it isn't already), then just move your cdlc. I have noticed that sometimes the cdlc doesn't show up at all even after converting the file to .xbox format. I don't know what causes this but I haven't figured out how to fix this. I'm not sure if you need odlc but just to be safe I would acquire The Cherub Rock odlc somehow. Hope this helps
  4. Nevermind. Figured out what to do myself.
  5. I would like someone to please explain how to get the cdlc working on my rgh 2 console. I've been searching all over the internet for just something that would help me get the cdlc on my console, but alas I am not capable of such feats. Any help would gladly be appreciated. Thanks
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