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  1. Mine has been working fine for years, but something broke my CLDC this past week. All of my songs load fine except everything freezes right after the tuning. Did I miss an update or do I need a patch to fix this?
  2. Thank for the advice! I only have a mac though. It looks like Mastery fix posted in the headlines is a PC app. How do I go about adding the fix to the PC version you are referring to?
  3. Sorry, let me rephrase... I can play the CLDC on my mac just fine. The issue is the Mastery % is showing up incorrectly or always at 100%. I heard there was a fix for PC, but I couldn't find a way to fix this for Mac. Thanks,
  4. I've looked everywhere and can't find a fix for the CDLC on my mac. It seems like the bug fix was only for windows. Has anyone found a solution to getting Mac CDLC to score correctly?
  5. Is there a 100% mastery fix for Mac DLC? I only seem to find the fix for PC. Thanks,
  6. I followed these steps, and now I can see that directory. I reinstalled Mono 4.1.6, but still getting "command not found" when I type "mono --version" in Terminal I did find Mono listed under library/frameworks/mono.framework though. It shows 4.6.1.
  7. I d I don't have a usr/local/bin directory.
  8. Followed instructions to uninstall and used the dropbox link you posted to install Mono. Still getting the "command not found" error
  9. It's not installing correctly for me either. I'm getting the "command not found" when trying to verify in terminal. Is there an older version of mono I can use on Sierra?
  10. I'm having the same issues as Knubble79... macOS Sierra. The newer version gives me the mono needs updating message, and the file posted in dropbox won't open.
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