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  1. I've now figured out what the issue was, it was a stupid mistake on my end
  2. I've created a chart that has multiple tone changes, the 1st tone change is fine but the rest of them stay ob the same tone. I haven't done anything to the tone slots in the toolkit and I've made sure that all the changes in eof are correct so i'm not sure why it is happening. Any help would be great.
  3. It seems like the name was the issue, I've now uploaded it so I'll just wait for a mod to change the name. thank you
  4. I recently made A new CDLC chart and tried to upload it here yet when i save it i get this message: I know the the song is definitely not ODLC so i'm confused as to why this is happening or how to sort it out. I'd appreciate any help on the issue.
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