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  1. Happy Birthday OZBEKER!

  2. Happy Birthday OZBEKER!

  3. Happy Birthday Avenged_D!

  4. Happy Birthday Avenged_D!

  5. Happy Birthday Avenged_D!

  6. Here are the songs I'm planning to do (not in this order), A Day To Remember: I'm Already Gone, All I Want (Acoustic), Have Faith In Me (Acoustic), My Life For Hire, Another Song About The Weekend, 2nd Sucks, Sticks And Bricks, Better Off This Way, You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance, Start The Shooting, Right Where You Want Me To Be, Welcome To The Family, This Is The House That Doubt Built, Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way, and Speak Of The Devil.

    1. OZBEKER


      Sticks & Bricks - Done


    2. OZBEKER


      Decided not to do Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way and You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance.



  7. Finished all Issues! Probably going to do some ADTR

  8. Working on more Issues!

  9. Working on King of Amarillo!

  10. Working of King of Amarillo!

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