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  1. Happy Birthday victor lassen!

  2. Happy Birthday victor lassen!

  3. Yeah i guess you're right, thought rocksmith sometimes is a little unfair to me. Ohh btw do you know if rocksmith works with the logitech g930 (wireless) headset? It's my dream to not stand entangled in wires, when i rock out. I miss Tapatalk :(
  4. I've heard a lot of people talk about tone loss, and how it cuts a lot of high end. "They" say that you can wave goodbye to your nice tone. It's cheap though ;-)
  5. Well judging by the picture, i think it would stick out of the guitar. If you have a whammy bar, maybe it could get in the way. But you can just buy a small extension cable, and have the transmitter in your back pocket, or on your guitar strap. At least that's my idea. It looks like a great alternative to the line 6 G30. Unfortunately the Joyo doesn't feature the self-destructing battery latch, that the G30 does :-P
  6. Looks cool Storm, and using the Rocksmith cable is a great idea! Plus that means, that you can also use it with something like guitar rig, witch is probably what i would use is most for anyway... But any thoughts on the Joyo JW-01, how is it, do you have any kind of issues with it?
  7. #lulz #fun #ididitforthelulz #smiley #hashtagssucks #ishouldprobablykillmyself #imdead # :ph34r: Sent from my, arrh fuck me.
  8. Yeah i've also looked a bit at them, i guess a line 6 g30 would fit my needs pretty well. Sent from my computer using a keyboard, cuz i don't have a nexus 5 or Tapatalk.
  9. Hi guys! So i'm looking to get a wireless guitar system. I have seen that there is a lot of different systems out there, but what should i choose. What can you recommend? I don't need that many channels, most of the time it's probably just one guitar that gonna be plugged in. I don't need that much range about 30 meters (100 feet) would be fine. Any suggestions? In advance thanks guys! (And girls, if any :grin:)
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