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  1. Update: Had a friend test the songs and he had the same error as mentioned. When you are moving the files from the download folder to the dlc folder, select "move to" NOT "copy to". This will change the file name and it won't read the file.
  2. Hello all, I've been submitting Green Day CDLC recently but have been getting comments about the songs not showing up in the library. I am using Toolkit Version v2.9.2.1-0b6278e4 on the new songs I posted this year. Could a moderator check theses songs in the Song Creator Toolkit and see if there are errors with the version number or App ID. Thx. - Songs: Hitchn' A Ride Oh Yeah Sugar Youth I Was A Teenage Teenager
  3. Image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f8j1w3fwaxmsln7/rocksmith%20error.PNG?dl=0 I've recently been creating CDLC and have come across a problem when I try to save the package. The image above keeps popping up everytime. I'm wondering if this has to do with my toolkit configuration?
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