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  1. WIP .. Boot Scootin Boogie - Garyth .. remove it, someone else uploaded a version. I will not be publicizing my version.
  2. Well, if it's consistently off must not be me. I offset my lyrics and moved on.I'll just have to remember to do it.if I do another one. be less tedious of the grouping marks moved with the words :) thanks for the feedback
  3. Well, I'm willing if you are. I don't know how much effort it's worth if I'm the only one with the problem. I thought maybe I was having a video/audio timing issue between RS and EOF .. the delays being different or something. I adjusted the EOF delay and tightned up the bass notes noticeably but the lyrics still fire blue early. I could just adjust for it, I'd rather know why. I have to be missing something. I'll upload them and send you a link, no rush on my account.
  4. I decided to add lyrics to the bass cdlc I'm doing. The learning process overall is going smoothly. I'm figuring out most of it. One thing I can't seem to fix: I have the bpm all set, bass notes match up, work fine in RS. I do the same for the lyrics, they all line up with the markers, highlight when they are supposed to inline and the sd preview. However, in RS it's highlighting one word later (early?). If you wanted to sing along you'd have to sing the word before the highlighted word. thanks
  5. someone uploaded their version .. I will not be publishing mine. If someone wants the bassline I have created just message me for a link. If you want to complete it let me know and I'll send you the sources. I find it playable as-is and wil definitely get you going on the song.
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