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  1. Actually I'm not going crazy. I don't really know why but there are 2 installs of RS2014 somewhere in my Steam folder, both with similar contents, both with a DLC folder. Nuts. And as I guessed only one of the install directories has a dlc folder with Cherub rock + that one other dlc song. Hope this helps anyone and I'd be happy to format my findings if anyone wants to append this to an FAQ
  2. Rocksmith was running fine before I rebooted my pc. Downloaded Steam>RS2014>Cherub Rock dlc off steam. Downloaded a bunch of cdlc that I had previously before reboot. None work. Turns out the D3D file was blocked by Windows. Opened D3D file's Properties, unblocked it. Now only one CDLC shows up along with Cherub rock. Checked my CDLC songs properties and lo-and-behold they're all blocked too (Windows blocked them because they came from a different computer, but I got them from CustomsForge...) Still only one CDLC + Cherub Rock showing up Restart pc. Still not showing the rest. Took all files in cdlc folder out and placed them in a new folder on desktop. Ran RS2014 and again lo-and-behold one dlc AND Cherub rock are still on the songs list. Am I going crazy or are the dlc's stored somewhere else other than the cdlc folder inside RS2014 inside Steam directory?
  3. So actually after unblocking the D3D file now only one CDLC is working (Frank Black Los Angeles) while the rest aren't showing up. Inside the DLC folder I have cherub rock which I purchased but it was purchased on another computer (dont know if that matters). Why is only 1 CDLC showing up and not the rest?
  4. Quick update. Just checked the properties of the D3DX9 and saw there was an option to unblock it. Unblocking files must be a new windows thing. To be precise this was the only thing I unblocked and now my CDLC is working. Someone should update the Use CDLC link to include this.
  5. I'm having the same issue. What is weird about my situation is that I removed cherubrock_p.psarc from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Steam Games\Rocksmith2014\dlc ,closed RS then started RS again and Cherub Rock was still playable in my Song List. Could there be any other location Cherubrock_p.psarc could be stored? I searched my C:\ drive and the only results were from that folder. Is this even possible?
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