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  1. I never really used the editors before, but one day I came across the multitrack versions of a bunch of SOAD songs so I thought... wouldn't it be cool if I could play these in Rocksmith and know that I'm hearing 100% me and not Daron? So I basically grabbed the mp3s for the drums, bass, vocals, "extras", etc and just left the lead guitar out. Since user ribworm already made a kick-ass CDLC for Spiders, and the tone sounds pretty spot on, I basically just sync'd up his chart with the guitar-less audio track and repackaged it. So before I submit this, anyone wanna take a peek at it and make sure I didn't make some beginner mistake and screw it up in some way? I've been playing it a bit and it seems okay for me but maybe I have weird Mixer settings or something on my end. It's in D Drop C: https://mega.nz/#!sZ5XhK6Z!jWeGGVjil7bQc6HxeOhD3DWweIqhEH4hhZmsmorF_Bg
  2. I noticed that Rocksmith's version of Toxicity by System of a Down differs slightly from the Hal Leonard songbook in this small way... Rocksmith DLC: The book: It sounds the same to me but I guess I just expected the official DLC to match up with the official songbooks, assuming that they both are licensed from the same source. Not a big deal in this case though. It sounds the same and doesn't seem like it changes the difficulty one way or the other.
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