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  1. Happy Birthday RobotMom!

  2. Happy Birthday RobotMom!

  3. Easy peasy! Meh, that's a lot of posts there. This way, people can just contact me privately so I can keep track of it :p
  4. No I'm not looking for tone help, I am offering it. So to all the CDLC maker-people, if you are having trouble with custom tones, and are just offering customs without tones, please stop. Ask me for help, I Will be glad to. (not that anyone will probably look here, so I will have to go through all the individual bloody threads and re-post this! lol) Just PM me, don't spam up this thread or anything. Note: this offer isn't for you lazy arses out there. Just those who need a bit of help with the tones. Mostly, I am sick to death of downloading songs with no tones, cause then it kills the tone bank thingy in the game, and I have to reset, and start everything over, and....just no. I guess I could help the lazy folk too, I can totally relate to them. Cheers -RobotMom-
  5. My current Classic rock WIPs are: Pink Floyd - San Tropez (done, posted) See Emily Play (half done) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (more than half done) Other than that, you know me, I will be skipping around the music spectrum like a chipmunk on crack, but I will try to keep everyone up to date on stuff. When I Can remember to..and when I don't get distracted by shiny things. ;) Edit - This weekend I was able to get into my old, nearly dead, laptop and retrieve all my old work. About 20G worth of dats, nearly completed psarc, etc etc. OMG I am like a nerd at the Doctor Who store over here! SO I shall certainly be updating my to-do list quote soon.
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