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  1. I did the same. Turned on RS this morning, CDLC not working after the update. Re-ran this solution, works perfect!
  2. We got something new this time at least; It tells me permission denied Last login: Mon Nov 7 06:52:41 on ttys000 Craigs-MBP:~ craigdengate$ cd downloads Craigs-MBP:downloads craigdengate$ chmod 755 RUN_PATCH_RS.command Craigs-MBP:downloads craigdengate$ ./RUN_PATCH_RS.command ./RUN_PATCH_RS.command: line 4: ./insert_dylib: Permission denied Craigs-MBP:downloads craigdengate$
  3. I had a go at everything you guys have suggested. Nothing seems to want to work. I could just be doing it wrong, but I honestly have no idea! I'm a tradie! LOL Last login: Mon Nov 7 06:52:17 on ttys000 Craigs-MBP:~ craigdengate$ ls downloads RUN_PATCH_RS.command insert_dylib libRSBypass.dylib Craigs-MBP:~ craigdengate$ chmod u+x /downloads/RUN_PATCH_RS.command chmod: /downloads/RUN_PATCH_RS.command: No such file or directory Craigs-MBP:~ craigdengate$ chmod 755 RUN_PATCH_RS.command chmod: RUN_PATCH_RS.command: No such file or directory Craigs-MBP:~ craigdengate$ ./RUN_PATCH_RS.com
  4. I'm running 10.11.6 I can't get passed the permission issues. Neither the terminal window or changing anything in the "get info" section of the file works I have the file in the rocksmith2014 app like you suggest but I continue to receive "no such file or directory" when I type it into terminal. I'm typing chmod u+x /users/craigdengate/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/RUN_PATCH_RS.command Note - I'm a complete novice when it comes to this, so the u+x thing, I've also tried craigdengate+execute, u+execute, craigdengate+x and as many varying ways as I can think
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