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  1. Happy Birthday Dragonman!

  2. Happy Birthday Dragonman!

  3. added v0 of "Whirlwind": rhythm and bass guitar, lead (I and II) and vocals will follow next week. I for one might never be able to play that song ;) I wanted to do "Fire & Ice" from 'Blazon Stone' as well, but there are no tabs to be found anywhere for that song :o :(
  4. So while I was trying to get the BWOD-DLC to work again, I was thinking about trying out "Dragonmen", one of my favorite RW songs (see where my moniker's from? *hinthint* ;) ). Thankfully the tabs are pretty good and there are only 4 instruments so I didnt have to merge a lot of stuff. So here's v0 of Dragonmen for testing, have fun :) For myself, it will take a lot of practicing before I'll be able to play all those triplets well enough again :P
  5. v1.2.1 is available - quite some work once you get into the pesky details ;) DLC is not working, RS freezes after tuning, so I guess I f'ked up something. Other DLCs are still working. Back to the drawing board I guess... :unsure:
  6. v1.2 is up! (no fix for wrong lead guitar harmonics yet - gotta go to bed now ;) )
  7. Here we go: to 1): after finding out how to zoom in and slow down the song ;) I found out this: the main theme looks good to me throughout the song, but you are right concerning some other parts of the song. Problem is: Between 3:31.6 and 3:31.7, for example, there seems to be a small delay of around 1/20 of a second in the song itself (right before Rolf sings "black"). When u play the song at 50% you can recognize this already and at 25% it's pretty obvious. So the notes are now 1/20 early until at 3:46.1 after the B5 chord everything's in synch again. So do I now move the notes in between just to make it fit the "error" in the original song or do I just keep it as it is because of "consistency"? to 2): This is so obvious that I simply forgot to do it in GP already ;) Thnx for the reminder. to 3): I have to admit that I really haven't looked at the Solo tabs at all since I have concentrated on the rhythm part early on. I will fix this issue though since you don't have to be able to play solos to do this :D to 4): Yip - my preferential playing style ;) I actually play the bridge on the E and A strings where you only have to move between frets 5 and 7 instead of 0 and 7 when playing it with the A and D strings. So I might change that in the tabs. I am pretty lazy myself, that's why I, for example, play the main theme on the D and G strings (frets 9-12) where I only have to move 2 fingers instead of having to awkwardly slide my index finger back to fret 4 on the G string every time at the end of the riff when playing it on the G and H strings (frets 5 to 7 and...yeah, 4 in the end :P). to 5): Ok, I'll do that...but why should there be more sections? to 6): Thanks for the explanation. I will uncheck it. to 7): What do you mean by "having a tone switch"? Changing the sound of the solo part by using another RS-tone? (in EOF: Track->;Rocksmith->Tone change?) And last but not least concerning the base guitar: I'm just getting started, give me some time, I will add it later :) Once again, thank you for testing and your input. I will try to upload v1.2 in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, weekends are largely occupied by my two little girls :D
  8. Wow - thanks a lot for your input, that's way more than I expected. I'll answer in more detail later and will start working on the song tonight. Thanks a lot again, mate:)
  9. v1.1 is up for testing. The Bonus-Rhythm Guitar errors have been fixed, vocals have been included and seem to work just fine. But the lead guitar part is still not showing up in-game...strange.
  10. Thank you for your willingness to help a newbie during his first steps as a custom song creator ;) I already have encountered my first problem with version 1.0: Somehow the lead guitar part does not appear in-game. I will try to see whether I can fix this in v1.1 I am really looking forward to your feedback! :) Edit: I recognized some minor hiccups with the alternative rhyhtm guitar part (a couple of missing chords, no big deal). That's because I concentrated on the main rhythm guitar part when editing the tabs. I'll fix this soon and remove the alternative part from future versions until it's done.
  11. CURRENT PROJECTS FOR TESTING: Black Wings Of Death (from "Pile Of Skulls", 1992) v1.1: Rhythm Guitar, Bonus Rhythm Guitar, Vocals v1.2: added lead guitar and bass guitar, fixed some sync issues, added palm muting, added more sections for riff repetitor (download)v1.2.1: replaced lead guitar harmonic bends with vibrato, other minor corrections -> download here (file corrupted, working on it) Dragonmen (from "Black Hand Inn", 1994) v0: rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, vocals (download) Whirlwind (from "Pile Of Skulls", 1992) v0: rhythm guitar, bass, (download) IN QUEUE: Walpurgis Night (originally from "Gates To Purgatory, 1983 - I will use the 1991 version from "10 Years of Piracy") green = completed/releasedyellow = working on it...red = not yet, guyspurple = future projects
  12. Hi there, I am starting a Running Wild Workshop because I am a huge fan and because Rock 'n' Rolfs masterpieces are vastly underrepresented around here ;) I will begin with easier songs since I am trying to play these songs myself and I haven't played for a while (some 20 years or so :P ). As I was trying to get back into playing I ran across Rocksmith 2014 and all the possibilities it does offer. So here I am now trying to bring you guys some awesome Pirate Metal from Hamburg, Germany B) Any suggestions, help as well as critique and even critcism are greatly appreciated since I am relatively new to this and willing to learn as much as I can. Thank you :) Cheers, Dragonman
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