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  1. Thanks for the reply. I followed the tutorial here: http://customsforge.com/topic/901-how-to-use-custom-dlcs-in-rs2014/ From my understanding, the D3DX9_42.dll is identified as a PC alternative method. I initially thought (before watching the video which was silly of me) that it was the primary method. I put the file into the Rocksmith2014 folder and put the songs in the dlc sub folder then ran the game. The debug window popped up in the background as it should. I couldn't connect with UPlay to access my profile and the songs didn't even show up at all. I then watched the video and my understanding is that the steps are as follow: DL and extract the RSGUI program. Buy a DLC song that is one of the songs in the list in the GUI program. Download the songs and put them in the DLC folder. Run the GUI program and select the song you bought from the list. Then apply it to the songs downloaded. Which after doing all this finally allowed the downloaded songs to show up in the list of songs but I just can't get them to play. I'm going to include that .dll file again and see if it works but I hate the idea of not being able to connect the UPlay. EDIT: The dll makes it work and for some reason I can connect to UPlay with it. Maybe the servers happened to go down at that moment I first tried. Thnx EDIT2: Spoke too soon. It's working for one song (No, Thank You by HTT) but the two Girl Dead Monster songs are empty. I have the strings now, and the fret board is there and animated. The song is playing but there are no notes.
  2. So I followed the tutorial and everything worked up to the point in which the song should play. I purchased Flyleaf - All Around Me for the DLC. I used the Rocksmith GUI program iaw the tutorial. The songs all show up in the list of songs. I select any of them and get to check the tuning on the guitar. Then the problem http://postimg.org/image/kowrvkuv1/full/ Sorry for the double screen (I run two monitors). As you can see, the speakers react to me playing the guitar and sound goes through. There is just no fret board. The background is all I'm given. Thnx
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