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  1. I see what you guys are saying now it is the source I used within GPA that is at fault not the GPA or EOF itself. There is a plugin for TuxGuitar that I am attempting to use to open and then convert the source file. To bad though I finally did get it into sync and it took a long time. Lesson learned I hope it works this time. Thank you for the help.
  2. Your absolutely right thank you, the problem was when I added the vocal track and attempted to generate the file RST was complaining about one specific line and once the unknown characters were removed the files generated without issue. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. I had to go to work this morning and didn't mention that I was attempting to import using the XML in the folder the other files are the ones generated by GPA. There is no option within GPA to export to GP3, 4 or 5.
  4. I hope someone can help, I'm trying to create a custom of George Thorogood's One Bourbon, within EOF (1.8RC10 r1341) I am receiving the error "File format version not supported" and then "Failed". I am using Go Play Along (2.93). I have used this same process before and since for other CDLC without issue. The steps are within GPA sync the song, export to folder, open EOF and point to MP3, File Guitar Pro import and point to the xml, that is when i receive this message. Here is a link http://1drv.ms/1moAwIx to the EOF.log file and to the source files used as well as screen shots of the
  5. I've created 2 songs ZZ Top Got me under pressure and Live Lighting Crashes I have added the lyrics to the Vocal track, sync'ed and I have used the CTRL+M command to highlight the words and in EOF it displays correctly but in game it is not. I don't know what I am doing that is different or wrong. I've created others that the lyrics show fine. EOF is 1.8RC10 r1341 Thanks in advance if you can help
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