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  1. I had deleted the program from my computer, and went to redownload it today to try your suggestions. I opened it up and the key functions worked. It seems to have worked itself out. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  2. Tried a USB keyboard, no success. Installed and tried the previous program versions, no success. It doesn't even work on the base version of the program without the hotfixes installed.
  3. Windows 7, Alienware M15X. I haven't tried any old versions of EOF; where would I be able to find them?
  4. There is no activity in the information panel. I'll see if I can find another keyboard and let you know.
  5. No other input fields accept input and keyboard input outside of menus also does not work.
  6. I'm new to use EOF. I'm having problems with changing the BPM of the song. It won't allow me to change it from the default 120. The cursor shows in the window, but I try backspace and deleting the number but it's like the program is not responding to my keyboard. I can't use the shortcut keys either. (I'm using a laptop.) I've have the most recent hotfix installed.
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