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  1. Yup, as @@firekorn said since it is checking agaisnt the lower string, Drop C gets treated like C Standard, and gets 2 steps of correction applied, but since we're using a drop tunning the end result would be Drop E, not the desired Drop D equivalent. Edit: Correction, I put that backwards, by applying the 2 steps you would go from Drop D to Drop B. Anyways, it gets kind of confussing to explain, so the best thing I can do is tell you to try and use the pitch shifter on a drop tunned song, test it ingame, and see why it's not working properly.
  2. The pitch shifter mod for drop tunnings is not working as intended on the latest beta release, for example, when trying to apply it to a song on Drop C, it over-corrects and uses a whole step over what would be a Drop D equivalent. In the tone editor, it's represented with the multipitch pre pedal, as of now for the Drop C example it applies a -4,00 correction, however I'm pretty sure the correct tone would be if it used -2,00. The same seems to happen for Drop C#, instead of using the -3,00 that it's applying, wouldn't the right tone be achieved by using -1,00?. Haven't tested with othe
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