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  1. This is good important stuff to know. There should be a WIKI FYI on the first page of this thread...
  2. How can you do a "Repack" if the you have the Mac song file in Mac and encode again to Mac? The software doesn't allow this. Would I take the "corrupted" Mac song file, convert it to PC with Toolkit, then back to Mac? Would you suggest I do this "Toolkit reconversion" on all my 600 files or only the offending ones as they pop up as I play new songs?... Thanks in advance.
  3. Has there been a FIX yet for the 100% Progress problem? ..... (i.e. you play a song in Riff Repater for instance and it gives you a 100% score)
  4. The newly released RSInjector still doesn't work with CDLC for Mac (only the official DLCs work)...
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