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  1. Happy Birthday benga!

  2. As a kid I want to play soccer like Johan Cruyff, didn't work either Thats an answer, I can build on it. But you are a bit false, because I did not write, that I want to be in same level as Kirk Hammett! I just want to learn, how to play that song. Anyway, thx for your answer.
  3. Hi All! Just started the game a few days before. My favorite band is Metallica, and I wanted to learn nothing else matters, but it's starting from the hardest level, as if i am kirk hammett :-) I started the game with the lowest level. Is something that I can do, do get the basics for the song? I also used the riff repeater, but some of the songs its impossible to set it. Thx for help! Greetings from Hungary! Benga
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