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  1. Has anyone checked out SPLEETER? I started using it recently for making all my own backing tracks to play with (in Go Play Along). But it would work great for CDLC too! https://research.deezer.com/projects/spleeter.html You can extract out all the tracks, then using audacity, create a backing track with just DRUMS and VOCALS. It was hit or miss until version 1.54, but now its solid and does an amazing job with the tracks. They released a video on how to do it here a while back, but it still works the same:
  2. I am really getting into the blues as of late, but I am just out of the beginner stage of guitar. What are some of the easier Blues songs that have CDLC posted here? (I cant search by genre...)
  3. I have EoF version 1.8RC10 I use CST to unpack the RS file I create a new project and load the .ogg file (what conversion bitrate should I select? 256k?) but Rocksmith Import is grayed out at this point? ok, so I next change the track to real_guitar I can now import the RS LEAD track from the arr directory... which seems to work... I have notes! Now I save as RB? do I reset offset to ZERO?
  4. I can take a RS file and using CST unpack it into the various files. I would like to then reload it into EOF and resave it with the RB files options checked. How do I load the unpacked files back to EOF?
  5. columbo777

    My WIP

    Men at Work - Johnny Be Good http://www.mediafire.com/download/2ldmgpz2xfzz2o5/Men_at_Work_Be_Good_Johnny_v1_p.psarc still have to complete the outro (Rhythm guitar only, no bass) The Rutles - I Must Be In Love http://www.mediafire.com/download/lpkw42h6kms1cjx/The_Rutles_I_Must_Be_In_Love_v3b_p.psarc still have to tidy this up - Lead/Rhythm hybrid like you would see in Rockband3, no bass. On Deck list: Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion Kinks - Sunny Afternoon Pink Floyd - Bike Pink Floyd - The Gnome Ramones - Howling at the Moon (unless someone else does it, which is fine by me) Stranglers - Peaches Monkees - <still have to choose, perhaps Mary Mary or You Just May Be the One. Stepping Stone is probably the easiest.>
  6. add "Howlin at the Moon" for another Ramoes fan?
  7. The Rutles - I Must Be in Love : Everyone overestimtaes the impact this band had on music! http://www.mediafire.com/download/lpkw42h6kms1cjx/The_Rutles_I_Must_Be_In_Love_v3b_p.psarc Lead only. Not a great tempo map. Men at Work - Be Good Johnny : Rated their 6th best song, there are zero guitar tabs for this song. I had to learn to play it first... Still working out some nuances. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2ldmgpz2xfzz2o5/Men_at_Work_Be_Good_Johnny_v1_p.psarc Combo Lead/rhythm. Have not even tested it yet,
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