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  1. I think so I have tried several times and it will not load song after tuning ?
  2. CDLC No song after the tuning process on cdlc for my PC all other songs work as they should ??
  3. I just done what you said and 1 file failed
  4. I purchased the game brand new from amazon (disk). I was able to get past the tuner last night only because it was already in tune the tuner never did show up on screen after that I was able to pick a song and could hear the song and my guitar but the play screen would not show up on my computer
  5. I just purchased rocksmith 2014 for my PC during the set up phase after I calibrate my guitar the tuner will not show up on my screen and it keeps saying don't hit more than one string at a time (which I am not) and I cant go any further in the game. Please help
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