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  1. Happy Birthday Cat With A Mustach!

  2. Happy Birthday Cat With A Mustach!

  3. Happy Birthday Cat With A Mustach!

  4. Happy Birthday Cat With A Mustach!

  5. Awesome, this fixed the problem. Dunno how I managed to even turn that one, thanks!
  6. I don't know what button I pressed, but yellow lines appeared on the beat marks in my editor, and whenever I grab a note, the 'hitbox' for the note is strange. I'll have to move my mouse sometimes off the note to grab it. I can also only move keys to the beat using the bracket keys, as well as manipulating the note trails, I can only move it to a beat marker. I tried a fresh install, by replacing my EoF with the base version of it, but nothing really changed. Thanks for any help.
  7. Awesome, this fixed it for me, and saved me a couple hours of work, thanks!
  8. I've found the file, I think. How do I open up this .undo file then to reveal my project?
  9. So I wasn't paying attention today, and I turned off my computer with a project open, right after I JUST saved it. When I turned my computer back on, I opened up EoF, and opened up the EoF file, which then gave me the normal 'Would you like to open your last saved undo state of this crashed project?' or however it is worded. When it asked me where I wanted to save it or, open the mp3 file that it asked for, I was paying attention and I closed out the dialogue box. I tried opening the project again, and a dialogue box pops up saying 'Error Loading Song' and then it bring me back to the start up
  10. Happy Birthday Cat With A Mustach!

  11. Holy cow, I can't believe they actually included Paper Wings in the line-up, since it was more of a promotional single than an actual on album single. But who cares! I'm so excited and happy for this addition to the evergrowing Rocksmith library. My dreams of playing theses songs to the most accuracy is finally a reality!
  12. Please, please, please, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Even though it means some of my custom songs are gonna be taken down XD
  13. Aw yes. Get some more Billy Talent up in here! However I was thinking all the songs would be halloween songs, not so much just spooky scary songs.
  14. Happy Birthday Cat With A Mustach!

  15. I was wondering why 'Friday I'm In Love' wasn't in The Cure's song pack! Glad it's finally here!
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