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  1. Hallo! First of all i wanna thank to all People ho spend hours and energy to get this work. I use Custom Force Tools since years and with a few simple troubles i get it working everytime Steam update the Game. With the new update everything goes wrong. since i updated Steam the Game crashes .... I cannot play the Game even without the Patch. With the Patch the Game won´t even start. I try everything and use the direction strickly, deinstalling the Game and installing it new. is there any Help out there, i cannot play since Days and i´m going mad...... Thx for help... I´m using a Macbook with Mojave 10.14.6
  2. Finally it WORKS!! THX to every body who help. You are great........ works on El Capitan 10.11.6
  3. HI to everyone! For me everything failed. i only have an old rocksmithapp version (Okt.2.) the version in the post seems not to work on my mac. i also have troubles in the past since the Remastered update released. I help my self with Cherub deinstall, start the rsinjectorapp and install the Cherub rock file again. This seems to work more bad than good. But sometimes i was lucky. But now the RSINJECTOR APP doesn´t work anymore. I´ve tried all tricks from this post........ nothing works. Ithink the Update ruin again the chance to play custom cdlc´s. So far i hope somebody can fix this, and i will be sooooooo thankfull for the guys who do ther best for keeping this running. I hope there are more players with this problem, because i don´t want to stay allone with the solutionsolfinding......... Once again thx to alll who can eventually help......
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