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  1. Just like for the Metallica one I want to make, I want to do the same thing for Megadeth. What is everyone's favorite Megadeth solos?
  2. Hello everybody! I want to make one of those favorite solo charts like there is for Gilmour and Page. I want to see everyone's favorite Metallica solos so I know what to put in for you all, thanks!
  3. Is there a hotkey for quick palm muting instead of going to note editor? Edit: Ctrl + M is the hotkey ignore this!
  4. When I change the Guitar Pro tab it will ask me to save in the .gpx file format and I can't load that with editor on fire https://gyazo.com/50cbe9a43bda31a08190a23cf5f2bfb9 - Picture of the error Does anyone know a fix?
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