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  1. My pattern of use for ignition is to bring it up and scan all the CLDC that has been added/updated since my last check. Unfortunately when I don't get back to it regularly I forget the date I last checked so I have to keep scanning back until I recognize something I've seen before or I am clearly way past the date I probably last scanned. It would be great if the search could keep track of my last seen progress. It could even be manual where when I finish catching up I hit a button to set lastscanned=now. On the next viewing of search results it could indicate by a different font/color/column whether the row is for an entry that was last added/updated after my lastscanned save point. The Rocksmith+ beta really made me realize how much time I probably waste rescanning stuff I already checked since I was playing that and not keeping up with 2014 and my new song scanning. If I have seen something I wanted in the new songs I can usually remember ( in fact the 'downloaded' icon helps quite a bit there ) , but more and more I don't find something I want on each scan and I tend to forget what stuff I saw that I hadn't wanted. I suppose another solution is for me to write down when I last scanned, but I don't see myself as being disciplined enough to do that. I haven't so far anyway....
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