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  1. Just noticing that the song "Round Here" by Counting Crows brings back a file not found error when you try to download it. Have we lost the song?
  2. Okay, so I've been playing guitar/bass for 6 mos or so with the help of this amazing piece of software. Absolutely love it!! I can play along to many of my favorite songs, and learning them is a breeze. It feels like all is right with the rock and roll world!! Until a buddy comes over and wants to jam... I take a look at tabs and want to scream, they're upside down!!! And how do you know how long to hold notes for? And then what the heck is this business with a drummer?? People actually play drums in real life??? And they expect you to sync with them instead of the red and yellow buttons? AAAAHHH!!! Okay, lots of people have learned with this program. My question is, how did you move past Rocksmith? Is there a good method to break off the streaming program and start reading music? I feel like I wanna stand on my head to read them right :P Also, how do you improvise? Most of the bass players I've seen playing live are able to jump into a song, find the groove, and add something to it without the need to look at tabs. How is this learned? I feel like there was something fundamental that was skipped when I pulled the bass out of the box and started playing songs. But what was it, and how do you go back and learn it without boring the living daylights out of yourself??
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