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  1. @firekorn Thanks a lot man ! :D I wasn't knowin' this, sorry if this was explain a lot >o< Thank you again ! :D
  2. I can't, I'm young, and my father just don't want to buy me another song, even if it's for 3€. >< That's why I was asking if it will be maybe updated :c
  3. Oh, and btw, Cherub Rock isn't on Uplay anymore, they change the song, and it's not on the list too..
  4. Hi, I was wondering if the Song Creator tool kit's list of DLC will be update one day ? I know, Its my fault, but I actually buy 2 songs today, only for have custom content, and these 2 songs doesn't appear, and I don't find an update version of this program. ( These two songs are "Last Resort - Papa Roach" and "What I've Done - Linkin Park" ) I don't hide that I'm a little bit disgust, because I was like "yeay I can finally play some paramore/bmth songs nooow. x)
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