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  1. Alright guys a bunch of my friends just launched this server today. it is Anarchy Asylum its for the arma 2 dayz mod. The server is an cherno overpoch server, with deploy bike and mozzie traders ai missions. They are trying to keep a happy medium when it comes to loot and how aggressive the zombies are. Come Join us just type Anarchy Asylum into your Dayz Launcher Can join us at teamspeak on anarchistasylum.typefrag.com:6210 And please do not forget to come and join the forum at anarchyasylum.com. If you guys need any help on getting on or just questions please contact me at miket.mt69@gmail.com thanks and hope to see some of you there.
  2. If so please come check out this new to me server I just found a couple weeks ago. Its called adkgaming you find it on the dayz commander or launcher. I play on the epoch taviana server and tbh its an incredible gaming community much like this one. With admin always online and always on ts3 and are only a poke away. I am not an admin or anything like that I just have tried a few servers before this one and was not impressed to say the least but these guys really take good care of you and there is a lot of competition here. Right now I am posting this on a lot of gaming community's trying to get more people on my server. Most people play on the overpoch cherno server. So the epoch taviana usually only has 10 to 15 people max on at a time which is good starting out but would be better to have a lot more. They have been around for a while also have servers for battlefield and a dozen other games. So if you are interested please stop by you can find me =adk=SnatchNGrab. if you need anything or have anyquestions just let me know you are part of the CF communtiy and I will do my best to help then shoot you cause its dayz lol.
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