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  1. Thanks for the link. Thought that Ubisoft didn't have forums.
  2. Well after a new graphicscard driver was installed RS2014 wont boot up anymore, I get the white screen but the short black screen which initialize the game itself is missing instead it gets back to the desktop. I tried now older Geforce driver and the internal drivers from windows but no can do anymore. Is this a known problem with you guys or is it the first time you heard about it?
  3. Thank you very much that help and everything works now.
  4. Maybe someone of you here had the same problems. When I select a custom song I can tune the guitar and after that should coe the "highwas" with notes. The screen stays by the speaker left and right but in the middle where the notes should come nothing happens.
  5. Is there a way to just have the isolated guitar track to hear in YYZ for example or is that not possible at all?
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