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  1. Hello, I am new here, I purchased Rocksmith 2014 a number of months ago from Steam. While perusing the huge list of DLC I saw some old favorites that I've wanted to learn. They were for the orginal Rocksmith, but the game clearly says that it will still work in Rocksmith2014. However, Steam does not see it that way. Steam will not allow me to download the DLC because I do not own the original Rocksmith (a restriction that would make sense for most games). So I contacted steam support to see if they could make some exception or help me out in some way, but they couldn't help me. So I tried to get around the restriction by downloading the Rocksmith Demo from Steam and see if that would allow me to buy the DLC. Nope. I've checked to see if I can get it directly from ubisoft or maybe another digital distributer like GOG. No luck. I would appreciate it if someone here knows another place I could buy the old DLCs from. Digitally or on CD, I don't really care. Or of some way to get around Steam's restrictions. I want to be clear, I am looking for a way around Steam, not a way around buying the DLC. Any help or suggestions you could give me would be appreciated.
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