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  1. The permissions are also important as I mentioned: chmod 755 Rocksmith2014.app
  2. Okay, so I did what you said (Changed the name of the original Rocksmith.app inside my steam folder to Rocksmith.app.old, downloaded your Rocksmith.app and placed it inside the same folder, tried to open your Rocksmith.app in the same folder, it crashed like you said so I ignored it, opened up the Steam app and click "Play" Rocksmith). When I click "Play" I get this message When I Ignore the dialogue and click Play again, I get this This is what my folder Steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/ looks like Am I doing something wrong here? You need just to change permissions to the copied Rocksmith2014.app from terminal with: chmod -R 755 Rocksmith2014.app Regards
  3. As I've posted on November 3rd, you can have a working version of rocksmith looking on time machine november 2nd. Simply restore this version, and all will be ok BTW, even if I've sent it on private message and any other has posted it, this is a link to this last working version: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uvm9ws9x833rj8q/AACFsCC7z8kdZu7tf12TQUP2a?dl=0 Tnx Pilo, I did work rsinjector again copying the app in steam rocksmith folder, changing permissions with chmod 755 and keeping opened steam to avoid update, I executed rsinjector successfully
  4. I didn't understand your workaround, can you share a tutorial with images/video, or the rocksmith version that works with rsinjector?
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