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  1. Yeah Izzy told me it's already a thing after I posted. But since I wasn't able to find it before posting, is there a keyword or any way to name or find multitrack customs ? Alex360 how do you setup your All in 1 customs ? do you link multiple psarcs in a single topic ? I wish I was able to look for those customs in ignition with a specific filter or tag. Maybe we could come up with a keyword or a specific way to name it ?
  2. Hey guys, I've just made a For Whom The Bell Tolls CDLC as a test (because it's quick to chart) from multitrack stems, and excluding the main guitar parts in the audio. Basically you just hear the bass drums and vocals and the occasionnal backing guitar during lead melodies. You actually just hear your guitar, you're not playing on top of the original one. In my mind it's the endgame of learning a song: sounding good without the original content in the background to help/support. What do you guys think ? It poses a few logistic issues like having to make a separate CDLC for each instru
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