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  1. Is the GUI not just a front end for the unpacker tool or are they two entirely seperate programs. I figured there was just something wrong with my syntax
  2. I am trying to unpack a .psarc file using the command line unpacker tool but it keep throwing me up errors. Packer.exe -unpack -i=D:\Program Files(x86)\RockSmith\dlc\1979_p.psarc -o="D:\Program Files(x86)\RockSmith\dlc\1979_p" Which throws up the error. Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at packer.Program.Main(String[] args) Any ideas about what is going wrong ?
  3. That worked perfectly, for some reason the path to where I had imported the file was too long for the box so I was looking in completely the wrong place to change the image. Have made a crude autohotkey script so all I need to do is right click on the file in windows explorer to change the image and the script automates the rest. I will polish it a bit more and hopefully post it when its finished. Thanks again
  4. Hello everyone just discovered customs-forge and this place is truly amazing. It has expanded the use I have got for rock-smith beyond belief. Currently I have got some issues with the CDLC that I have downloaded. The artwork that I have for the albums is different to the ones that is on the CDLC so when I come to pick a track its confusing the hell out of me. So i'm looking for a way to either batch delete the artwork for an album or a quick way for me to change the artwork with the one that I can scan in , ( or scrape for a web source ) I tried the custom song creator toolkit and there are options to remove parts and change volumes and metadata but not the album art. Any ideas ?
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