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  1. You are my savior!! I had to reinstall a few times because stupid OS X requires the patch is allowed through the firewall, and it only works if you run the patch the first time without any interruption (for security clearance or any other reason). But once I got the patch to install on the first time for a clean install of Rocksmith, I fired her up and tried out a CDLC and the grid launched! Thank you so much coldrampage! I really appreciate you.
  2. I've done lots of research and tried applying D3DX9_42.dll multiple times and reinstalled Rocksmith many times. In fact, a few months ago Rocksmith was working perfectly fine for me, but yesterday I tried to fire up Rocksmith and all of my CDLCs would hang after my guitar was finished tuning. None of my attempts to fix it worked to restore functionality. The original link to the D3DX9_42.dll file and tutorial on the CustomsForge forum goes to a 404 error, which makes me believe perhaps the method is expired. Perhaps there was an update to the game that patched this method from working? If anyone has any idea how to make the CDLC work again, it would be truly appreciated. From one guitarist and gamer enthusiast to another. I'm running Mac OS X 10.15.7 Catalina and using a Macbook Pro Retina, early 2012 edition.
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