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  1. @@Alex360 - It works like a charm now. Thanks! Sometimes takes 5-10 extra seconds to load the PC converts (pauses in the loading time between tuning and loading the fretboard), but I'm assuming that's normal?
  2. @@Alex360 I actually was using the 2.6.1 version of the toolkit to convert earlier. Is 2.6 more stable/produces better converted files?
  3. @@Alex360 - Thanks for the reply! I did follow the MAC directions... and the MAC CDLC's work fine. Only issues with the PC converts.
  4. Is it vital to delete other versions of Mono I may have installed (newer or older than 3.4) ?
  5. Hey guys, I'm new here. Just joined a few days ago and love the site! I have an issue though - PC DCLC's won't work on my MAC (early 2011 MBP, running Mavericks and works very well with medium settings I have to say) I followed the tutorial verbatim and downloaded Mono 3.1, and then 3.4 (neither has worked to this point) and then converted the pc songs accordingly and placed them in the correct folder. Unfortunately, after the tuning screen Rocksmith crashes. Perhaps I am missing something here. Appreciate any help if anybody has run into this! Thanks!
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