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  1. Agree, but I think most of the time it's a lack thereof. Some old customs are charted incorrectly because the author did not fix the fingering when importing the song into the FOF editor. It tends to default to the lowest fret possible for every note, rather than a chord that makes sense. GWAR - Saddam-A-Go-Go comes to mind. For whatever reason they charted power chords at the 3rd fret as having an open G string instead of fretting the 5th fret on the D.
  2. Dude, last year was my first MAGfest, and while it was awesome I really wished there was some Rocksmith represented so I could rock out with some people. I'll have to swing by wherever you're set up. I released a couple Bit Brigade tracks for Rocksmith 1, I really should try remaking them for 2014. I caught their 2AM Zelda set last year, freaking awesome. I hear they're doing Metroid nowadays, really hoping that's what they'll play. Armcannon's version of Kraid is one of my favorite VGM covers.
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