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  1. I hope that I'll find some time for that on Saturday to improve it a bit Edit: after some CoB it went a bit better Edit2: I knew I've butchered tapping in previous take (95,73%) so I wanted to try again and finally I'm happy with my score. Great song
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  3. Same situation here. Rocksmith Tool Kit works. I took the 6 GB-Version. Thank you very much for it!! BUT I can't select any DLC for platform conversion in the Converter! Any idea? Find the C-Drive in the file contents in the toolkit file. Make a CDLC file of what you want to convert then click and drag into the C-Drive. You'll be able to find everything in the file you made in the C-Drive. Now for me it was tough to figure out how to get everything back out. What I did was delete the converted files and then removed them from the trash bin back to my desk top and that worked for me.
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