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  1. Hi Guys, I think I neglected to add KingCobra to The Classic Rock Coalition Members Forum awhile back, and make him a full member, so I will do that now. @@KingCobra is a Magna Charter with 68 Customs posted to CF. Looks like KingCobra plays the 6-string and Bass. Welcome KingCobra to The Classic Rock Coalition Full Members Forum, Very happy to have you here at The CRC. KingCobra has be added to The Classic Rock Coalition Home Page and also The Full Members Forum. Later, Terry
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  2. Every Saturday evening will be opened a topic in the Rocksmith Championship section, with all the songs chosen for the next week. Look at this example: http://customsforge.com/index.php/topic/44026-rocksmith-2014-championship-week-230/ In the first post are written all the songs for every arrangement and every difficulty, FOR THIS WEEK (from Saturday 17th March 2018 to Saturday 24th March 2018). All songs shown are links, so if you want to play in the championship click the links and download the CDLC.
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