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Favourite bass tones for overriding purposes?



I am looking for suggestions on bass tones mainly for the purpose of overriding the tone on CDLCs where the tone designed by the author isn't really good.

I have a bunch of CDLCs with the tone so bad that listening to what I'm playing becomes a torture, but instead of keep bothering the author to fix the tone, I can just try to override it with another tone "stolen" from another song. I thought that this required some heavy editing of the CDLC itself, but I just saw a video about the "tone assignment" in-game functionality which I never noticed before, and now I am intrigued by the possibility of just switching on-the-fly, even if it's clearly not a permanent fix.

So for that functionality it looks like you can assign a maximum to 3 tones to hotkeys... what would be your recommendations for 3 bass tones (preferably from core RS songs or Cherub Rock so you can be sure I already have them) that could reasonably cover most of the use cases i.e. when special effects (delay, flanger...) are not required?

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I already forgot about this question of mine 😄

Well in any case, if anyone's interested, I ended up for the moment assigning the following three override tones:

2- Rocksmith Theme bass tone: for most soft/regular songs

3- Cherub Rock bass tone: for a mildly distorted punch

4- simple custom tone of my own with a -1 semitone pitch shift

I figured out that the last one is a DEALMAKER for CDLCs that are bass-only with Eb tuning, because the CFSM's pitch shifter unfortunately cannot successfully convert to E standard a song that doesn't have the Lead Guitar part, it only changes the tuning so that it doesn't require to re-tune the instrument, but it fails to apply an actual pitch shift to the tone. But now I can just press '4' and apply a pitch shift on the fly, and voilà! Lots of new CDLCs I can play with out re-tuning my bass 🙂 

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