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Guitar tuner level change on pick attack



Hey guys,

When I go to the in-game precision tuner in Rocksmith, the tuner "levels" (I'm not really sure what to call it) will vary wildly based on the attack of my pick.  If I play the string hard, the meter will jump up or down in a big way, but if I play it a bit softer, the tuner will jump around less.  Also, sometimes if I play the string normally, the meter will jump around, but if I let the string ring out for a moment, the level will return to being on pitch.

I writing this post because I really think it may be effecting my in-game playing with missed notes in places that I should not be missing anything, like basic strumming parts in songs.

Sorry about the wording of the question, I'm actually fairly new to guitar so I may have phrased or described it poorly.  Hopefully you guys will know what I'm talking about haha.  I'll stick around in the thread to answer any questions that you guys might have for me.

Any help or advice you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm not sure if it improved but back when the game came out I noticed the tuner wasn't very accurate to start with so i'd just tune the guitar with a head tuner and then just finger pick the in game tuner until it accepted that it's in tune.


I've also read that if I was missing notes in game a lot it would be because I was using 0.8 strings and the game works best with 0.10 or 0.11

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