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Error with Rocksmith CDLC Builder


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I've been making some CDLC of some songs I haven't seen on here yet just for myself to play, and so far I've managed to make two that work totally fine, but I'm running into issues on this third one. I've gone through EoF and gotten everything made, now I want to create a test version of the CDLC to try it out in game. However, when I open the DLC Builder and click "Add Arrangement" and select my file, I get the error "PART REAL_GUITAR_RS2.xml: Value was either too large or too small for a signed byte." Any idea what this means? When I was trying to save my project in EoF I was getting repeat warnings about notes over the 24th fret, so I'm wondering if this is related? If it is, I'm not sure how to fix it, seeing as none of the notes in the song actually go anywhere near that high, so I'm not really sure why I'm getting that error in the first place. One of the problem notes it kept highlighting was a 9th slide to 15th that it said was "sliding above the 24th fret" even though it was clearly defined as 15th, so I'm not sure what to do there. Any suggestions? Hopefully I'm just missing something dumb and obvious here. The first 2 CDLC I made were months ago so I may have forgotten something.



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