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Instrumental Rocksmith

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Hi to all Guitar players out there. I have always wondered what rocksmith would sound like if there was an instrumental version of the integrated sound file (mp3, ogg etc) inside the psarc file & to also see if this somehow could be done. so to start of with, i started searching for mp3 backing tracks but thought to myself, no this wouldn't work as i didn't wan't to resync all of the notes. then my second thought was to try to find a program that seperates the vocals from a (mp3, ogg file) & with a lot of searching i came accross the program named (SpleeterGUI) for windows. this program can take an audio file, then extract & seperate the audio file into parts eg, (vocals, guitar, bass, piano) & makes the separate audio files into a folder of your choosing. then all i had to do was import the (bass & drums) files into audacity, then export them as a complete ogg file.  then on the first tab of the rocksmith toolkit i simply input the psarc file of the song i was working on & changed the audio file to the one i modified. It's a totally differen't playing experience & has benefits. for one it alows you to just hear the guitar that you are playing instead of having the original guitar in the background, alows for better error correcting, that's if you don't add the guitar part & just have drums & bass as the backing track. good luck, have fun & hope this helps everyone out 

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