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Really strange problem with delayed fingerings/handshapes in RS


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I have no idea what is going on with this CDLC. I have checked everything so many times and can't find any problems. The rhythm track is delayed by 1 bar for all finger/handshapes. It doesn't show anything for the first bar and then starting at bar 2 everything is off by one measure. The lead and bass tracks are fine, and this rhythm track was fine previously until I updated it with handshapes. Now the handshapes are correct but it displays 1 measure late.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong because I can't figure it out


In this image it should be showing the handshape at fret 5 but its at fret 2 (the previous measure). The FHPs are correct and I've tried deleting them and regenerating several times even though they are correct.


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