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what you think about my songs?


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Hi everyone. i want to realease an EP with my singles and if you want teel me what you think about these songs. the first i wrote when i was fallen in love for  a girl ìbut I never had the courage to declare myself. she told taught me the word love. I've had other girlfriends but I think I'll never get that feeling when I see her eyes....the second song i wrote when the world fall inside your heart. this song is for everyone who lost work, girlfriend or boyfriend , friends or else. we are a joke of the destiny and there's an end but again an start 

andrea Buoncompagni - how does it feel


Andrea Buoncompagni - Chaning Page



i wait some comments thank you 

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Hi Buoncorock, 


I just listened to both songs, and I enjoy listening to both songs. The music style is a more soft sort of playing, I can hear some Hispanic influences in the music. I also like the way you sing, it does enough to where the vocal range fits perfectly with the song and expresses emotion throughout the song. I have no critiques personally, the lyrics sounds good and the instrumentals are excellent. You did a good job!

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Rather an old topic. But critiques welcome, yeah?

it's a 9/10 man. This is really good. Not even my personal preference of music, but that doesn't matter I suppose. It's really good. I really like the phrase 'dead end - rough road'. Hits hard. 

Only things I would suggest is a snare on what seems to be the 3 7 11 13... beat. Just to fill a little bit of space. The second depends on what you want. if i was a native spanish speaker and heard this I would really like the way you pronounce words, and I do. If, however, you wanted to reach native english speakers I would work on vowel sounds, etc. It is good already don't get me wrong. I can understand what you are saying perfectly fine and all that, I just wouldn't necessarily sing the vowel sounds the same way.

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