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edited xml, repacked as song pack, nothing changed in Rocksmith

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Sorry if the title is confusing. Here's my probem:


I unpacked an existing CDLC using the toolkit, changed a few notes of the lead guitar chart using EOF (wanted to fix some errors), then tried repacking (using "repack as a song pack").

That all worked well and the chart looks good if I re-open it in EOF, but the newly generated .psarc is the same as the original, as if I hadn't changed a thing.


What am I missing here?

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I will explain the method I use.
Everything done in the first "CDLC Creator" menu then it is in the sub-menu "Packages" that everything that

In this menu, it will delete the setting you want to change (exemple lead guitar) by clicking on "Remove" and click "Add" and select the setting you changed with EOF by clicking on "Browse" to menu "Song XML File" (note the newly created name often called "combo" but this can be changed in the recording of EOF but here did not really matter.

Then, in the "name" menu, choose the name of the Arrangement and the speed of scrollbars notes and more if you want ... then do "Ok"

Remains only to choose the game plateform in the up right and finish by "Generate"

Well, I hope I have not forgotten.

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I've also tried several methods, although not with EOF, but just editing xml then generating sng - then repacking. Or just edit xml and then use CLDC creator tab to make new psarc. But there seems to be something I clearly don't understand, either with the process, folder structure, or the xml chart notation, since no changes are visible in game. 

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