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ToggleExclusiveMode (for Streamers and others)


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I apologise if something similar already exists and if this is not the correct place to post this.


I have written this extremely simple console-line application for Windows that will automatically switch Exclusive Mode in your Rocksmith 2014 settings to on or off. This was meant for streamers (like me) so that they can allow streaming and then get latency-free input when they're done.


It doesn't need installing: you just double click on the program and you're done.


The repository is here:



For now the program will only work if you have installed Rocksmith 2014 in its default location. I will soon implement a failsafe, but it's late night and I need to get some sleep!


Any comment or contribution is very appreciated :)

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Check out the fork I made. https://github.com/ffio1/Rocksmith2014_ToggleExclusiveMode


It adds custom directory support. I tested it in debug mode in both a custom spot, and in the default install location.

That's great! Thank you for the contribution! I'm also working on converting the original app to WPF and add the GUI to select the folder path.

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I did another update, this time to abide by our guidelines of not allowing pirated copies to take advantage of our tools. Simple check that has no end-user results, and will remove any chance pirated copies will be able to be used (unless they edit the source code).




That would also simplify a lot of the game-checking code! That's great! If you send a request I will integrate your changes into the main repo.

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I don't know why, but this project interests me, and it's giving me experience with C#. Huge changes coming. Settings file, updating buttons, (this has taken way longer than it should've)


That's off to bed for me, it's going on 4 am and I've been staring at this code for ~ 5 hours.


Update on the same github & added pull request on your main repo

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