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Song length and problems...


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Hope somebody can help me figure out why I can't get the DLC to work properly in Rocksmith.


The song is almost 1 hour long and is sectioned into

1 "intro"

many "riff"

1 outro


It's short exercises one after the other.


The song is almost working.:

I really want the riff-repeater to show the content (analyzer)
The song content/analyzer is not showing here either:
Others have made long dlc's... so It's possible...
Any suggestion to what can cause this?
Never had any problems like this before.
It's very time consuming to test/generate......


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I have tried to delete all events and recreate all sections/phrases.

Same thing happens every time.. crap..


Then.. I tried to delete all events and generate the DLC.



Only problem now is that the sections are not where i want them to be....


The DLC contains 200 short sequences with a "silent" bar between them.


What is the correct/best way to section them?


I have tried to use "intro" at start of the first sequence, then "riff" at the start of each of the rest, except the last that starts with "outro".


The DLC takes 30 minutes ish to generate.. 


Anyone with a black belt in sections/phrases here...?

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Found this:

Chlipouni: When there are too many phrases in the song (more than 100), the difficulty bars are not displayed in RS (RS2014 issue or limit)


Here: http://customsforge.com/topic/3584-sections-dont-show-up/


Tried to reduce the number of sections(with phrases) to 51: 
* 1 intro

* 49 "riff"

* 1 "outro"


No luck....  Difficulty bars are not showing..


The has to be something wrong with the way I have arranged my sections(with phrases)

It's working when I delete all events and generate the DLC 


I really want the sections to reflect the exercise sequences..

So Riff repeater can start at the beginning of each sequence..




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==   G L O B A L   I N F O R M A T I O N S                                                        ==



D.D.C.                          : v3.6

XML format                      : Rocksmith 2014

Artist name                     : Shredmaster Lesson

Song title                      : Ten Shredding Exercises

Arrangement name                : Lead

Phrase length                   : 16

Remove sustain                  : N

Configuration file              : C:\Users\svein\ROCKSMITH TOOLS\RocksmithToolkit\ddc\ddc_default.cfg

Ramp-up model                   : C:\Users\svein\ROCKSMITH TOOLS\RocksmithToolkit\ddc\ddc_default.xml

Max number of phrase iterations : 100

Max Measures per phrase         : 16

Max differences before merging  : 10 %

Max differences after merging   : 30 %

Max difficulty level to protect : 20 %

Max differences to link         : 25 %

Min high density misused        : 25 %

DD protection limit             : 4

Maximum level of difficulty     : 10

Number of phrases               : 24

Number of phrase iterations     : 155

Average iterations by phrase    : 6
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