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RGH Xbox 360: CDLC Songs Not Loading



I'm having an issue where only about 5% of all my customs load in the Xbox 360 - a significantly small amount. Every time I reload it, it's always the same few songs. The songs happen to work fine however, I can load them and play them without issues. I've tried breaking down the amount of songs I'm trying to use, which is well over 1,000, and I'm still having the same problem, however. Even with about 14 songs in the flash drive, only about half of that loads.


Anyone know how to fix this? At first I just assumed it was because of the massive number of songs I was attempting to add at first, but when I broke it down into a significantly smaller amount (not containing the recurring songs that were loading alone in the 1,000+ mix), it of course still wouldn't load all of them.


One of the trends I've noticed as well with this problem is a lot of the time a certain artist is the majority of what loads while other artists won't load at all (when it comes to loading multiple songs by one artist). But of course that's not limited to artists with a small amount, if not one, song just not loading at all / actually loading.


^ I guess to exemplify this would be: 3/4 Nine Inch Nails customs would load, all Metallica songs would load, the one and only Filter song would load, Still Alive by Aperture/GLaDOS/Valve would not load, and not a single Job For A Cowboy song out of 5 would load. Every reload would consist of the same results.


My steps:

- Have modded Xbox 360

- Convert CDLC from "_p.psarc" format to Xbox file format

- Load into flash drive path "Content > 0000000000000000 > 555308C0 > 00000002"

- Insert Rocksmith 2014 disc

- Let songs enumerate (which ironically loads insanely fast compared to when I don't want it to on my retail Xbox)

- See not enough songs (regardless of the combinations of customs)


* Sorry if this issue has been resolved somewhere already, I had a hard time looking for it. If the answer is somewhere, I would be okay with just being redirected there. I appreciate any help anyone gives me, I just wanna play on the Xbox

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