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Cdlc for xbox 360 rgh tutorial


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 Hello every one just figured I would give a quick rundown for how I use custom rocksmith songs for my rgh xbox. Rgh or jtag xbox is required.

first download the rocksmith tool kit.


  Then you will need a dlc song you have already downloaded.  (to do this I looked through the toolkit too see what codes are available, I had purchased a few songs on my retail xbox and sure enough i had a song that was in the toolkit, crazy on you)


   Copied the song from my retail hdd to a usb stick and then opened using xm360 on the rgh and unlocked the dlc using xm360. At this step I loaded the game up to make sure it worked.

Now import the cdlc you would like to use or have just downloaded into the creator. I make a random folder i delete to save the artifacts to. You dont need them for this.  Then use the the option to change the song id to the song you have purchased (for me this was crazy on you heart)


 Now you want to do this before you change it to a xbox package.  after you have changed the song id you can uncheck the different console options ie. pc, mac xbox or ps3.  I just check xbox and then click generate package and save it to my usb for my xbox in a well labled folder ie. rockmith customs,


  Now boot up your rgh or jtag and load xex menu.  find your usb drive and the folder you created and copy the xbox package you generated earlier.  move over to hdd find your content folder 9should be lots of 00000... folders.  find 0000000000000000 and then 555308C0 and in the folder you should have this one 00000002.  install your cdlc to this folder.  now fire up your game and you should have cdlc.


 Hope this helps i had lots of issues with this and there is very little help out there

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thanks for the tutorial. 


I did quite similar steps but am stuck with RS2014 on Xbox 360 crashing whenever I select CDLC. Can anyone help?


Here is what I did

1) I moded Xbox with RGH

2) I have checked my DLCs - have bought plenty (30+) before modding

3) I downloaded a PC platform CDLCs (i.e. with "..._p.psarc" extension) from CustomsForge search

4) I have converted this into Xbox using Custom Song Creator Tool Kit with Customer App ID same as DLCs I have previously purchased (tried many songs)



A) The CDLC appears on RS 2014 - it plays the trailer and adopts song tunes but

B) ...whenever I open it RS 2014 crashes as if the file was either corrupt or not authorised to be used


I am using Took Kit v I have Xbox 360 bought in 2012 and RS 2014 edition. 


Checked many posts and forums here but cannot find any hint. Can you help?




PS What do you mean by retail HDD? How to unlock cdlc with xm360? I do not seem to have xm360 soft with my RGH modded xbox.

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 by retail hdd I mean my xbox that is not modded or have a rgh glitch. xm 360 is used to unlock dlc so that you can play them on your rgh sytem.  you can find links for it online to download and just install with xex menu.  are your regular dlc songs working or not?

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Thanks for your reply. Regular DLCs work good, as if nothing happened. I have problems with CDLCs only, Xbox crashes when I try to chose them in "learn a song". Surprisingly they appear there similar do regular DLCs and even play demo. Any idea what could be wrong?

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