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Bullet For my Valentine Discography


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Hand Of Blood: 2005


1. 4 Words (Charted By xanekill)

2. Hand Of Blood (Official DLC)

3. Cries In Vain (Charted By xanekill)

4. Curses (Charted By xanekill)

5. No Control (Charted By xanekill)

6. Just Another Star (Charted By xanekill)

7. Turn To Despair (Bonus) (Charted By xanekill)


The Poison: 2005


1. Intro (Charted By xanekill)

2. Her Voice Resides (Charted By xanekill)

3. 4 Words (Again...) (Charted By Vicious)

4. Tears Don't Fall (Official DLC)

5. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do) (Charted By Vicious)

6. Hit the Floor (Charted By xanekill)

7. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) (Charted By Vicious)

8. Room 409 (Charted By Vicious)

9. The Poison (Charted By xanekill)

10. 10 Years Today (Charted By xanekill)

11. Cries In Vain (Charted By Vicious)

12. Spit You Out (Charted By xanekill)

13. The End (Charted By xanekill)


Scream Aim Fire: 2008


1. Scream Aim Fire (Official DLC)

2. Eye of the Storm (Charted By xanekill)

3. Hearts Burst Into Fire (Official DLC)

4. Waking the Demon (Charted By Vicious)

5. Disappear (Charted By xanekill)

6. Deliver Us from Evil (Charted By xanekill)

7. Take It Out on Me (Charted By xanekill)

8. Say Goodnight (Charted By xanekill)

9. End of Days (Charted By xanekill)

10. Last to Know (Charted By xanekill)

11. Forever and Always (Charted By xanekill)


Fever: 2010


1. Your Betrayal (Official DLC)

2. Fever

3. The Last Fight (Charted By Vicious)

4. A Place Where You Belong (Charted by I_Am_The_Toast)

5. Pleasure and Pain

6. Alone (Charted by Me)

7. Breaking Out, Breaking Down

8. Bittersweet Memories

9. Dignity

10. Begging for Mercy

11. Pretty on the Outside


Temper Temper: 2013

1. Breaking Point

2.Truth Hurts

3.Temper Temper


5.Dirty Little Secret


7.Dead to the World


9.Saints & Sinners

10.Tears Don't Fall (Part 2) (Charted By xanekill)

11.Livin' Life



Every Song without a Username Next to it needs a charter I'll update everytime a new song is charted

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