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Found 2 results

  1. So I've had RockSmith going on the trifecta of systems since the original RockSmith, that is on Xbox, PC, and on a Mac. When RockSmith2014 hit the streets, it *felt* at the time (especially on the Xbox) that there was more latency in the game (especially processing time to produce sound, so string time to sound felt super laggy)- to remedy this I created this setup: Guitar/Bass ---> Lehle Sunday Driver ---> Lehle P-Split ---> RockSmith Cable to PC/Xbox/Mac |---> Cable to AMP Then when I play the game I turn down the instrument sound completely, and only have the song play via the computer or game console. The guitar or bass sound ONLY comes live from the AMP. (Sometimes I run this into another computer or pedals to get a tone effect since I'm not getting the tone from the game at that point.) Does anyone else do anything similar to this? What hardware do you use? I've found I'm pretty happy with Lehle, and I can get quite a few tones/effects from Native Instruments Guitar Rig when I really want the processing or effects. Anyways, just thought I'd ask, I was just curious...
  2. Hi all, my name is Peter and this is my first post to the forum. First I'd like to say that I really appreciate the work you put into this! Big thanks! I'm really new to things like EoF or the BPR-Tool that I found by reading through the topics. So I tried to import a song and just to get familiar with the programs, I thought it's a good start to just split a CDLC that is one big piece into a bunch of smaller pieces for the Riff-Repititor after reading the tuorials. Easier said than done... I'm not able to get a working result :( I tried with the BPR-Tool and managed to split the song where I want to but after repacking, the song was not recognized in RS anymore. May I ask if someone can take a short approach to explain what I should do? (I tried with this song: (Huey Lewis - Stuck with you) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhxohuk7680xtx4/Huey-Lewis--The-News_Stuck-With-You_v1_p.psarc?dl=0 Thanks, Peter
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